Week 6 of Samantha Butler’s working trip abroad

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Where is the time going? The weeks are blending and the days are passing. I must admit, it feels like I have been here much longer than 7 weeks.

The weekend of the 13th May, saw me go to the last game of the Premier League season for Manchester United against Watford at Old Trafford. The field looked mint! To be there was surreal, the atmosphere was incredible and the standing ovation for the retiring captain Michael Carrick was astounding. To be able to see not just one, but two Premier League games live in the same season is more than a dream come true.

The week saw me travel across the country with Dave in the “wagon”, for those who haven’t realised, a “wagon” here is what I would refer to as a truck or a semi-trailer. The colloquialism has and still is taking some time to adjust to.

Dave and I, were travelling to a Sporting Facility in Debdale, here they have a field for cricket, a field for rugby and a field for football. We were going to perform a full field renovation on the football pitch. This required us removing the current playing surface with a Koro® FTM®, top dressing with sand (approximately 100 tonne), mixing the tonnes of sand into the current profile – to assist with creating a better profile as most fields here have a heavy soil based profile. We followed this process with running the Campey UniRake and drag mat over the surface before proceeding to using the Vredo seeder where we spread roughly 380kgs of Rye Grass seed across the pitch in 3-4 different directions.

In between all this work there was a demonstration day where local groundsmen in the area could come and have a look at what we were doing. Ian Pogson provided them with a small presentation, before showing them some of Campey’s equipment range and why we use these piece of equipment and how they can be beneficial to them.

On Friday, I went with Lee, Dave and Richie to Congleton FC. Congleton are a small football club based near the Campey yard. Here we performed a mini renovation where the aim was to try and remove as much thatch from the surface as possible and trying to remove the weaker grasses which are not wanted in the surface. We also ran an Imants ShockWave across the pitch, this helps with breaking the ground under the playing surface without causing maximum destruction to the surface. I then over seeded the field in three directions.

Knowing that the following week was going to be another big week, I took myself to the Trafford Centre in Manchester. I wasn’t entirely sure what I was going to do once I got there, but this place is ginormous! There was going to be something. For the ladies back home, I am sorry, but I couldn’t bring myself to travelling down south for the royal wedding. It was a lot easier to view it on the TV.

This week I have travelled up to Scotland and I can’t wait to share the experiences with you next week.