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2407, 2020

Ray Britland Contracting Saves Weeks of Labour Using the Campey Rake O Rotor

Ray Britland Contracting has saved weeks of time by using the Campey Rake O Rotor to quickly and easily clear large areas of stones and other debris. The Cheshire based company were established over 35-years ago and work on a number of Environment Agency, and Forestry Commission projects, as well as other government backed work. A common process in [...]

2407, 2020

Campey Launches the Tiny Tine

Campey Turf Care Systems has launched their smallest ever hollow tine, the Tiny Tine®, designed to cause minimal surface disruption and let play resume immediately after use.  The new Tiny Tine® is 115mm in length with an outside diameter of 8mm, a core diameter of 5mm and has a 3/8” mounting. It can reach a working depth of up [...]

2307, 2020

Nick Brown joins Campey as Export Sales Manager

Campey Turf Care Systems has appointed well known industry figure, Nick Brown, as their new Export Sales Manager. Nick has over 20-years of experience in golf, and sports turf and through his previous role at Ransomes Jacobsen has extensive knowledge of the international markets. His understanding of these areas doesn’t only come from work. Four generations of his family [...]

2307, 2020

Campey Applies a Touch of Magic at Sutton Upon Derwent Tennis Club

A renovation from Campey Turf Care Systems has brought a touch of magic to Sutton Upon Derwent Tennis Club’s two grass courts! The courts have played a prominent role in the club’s history and have been a feature since French Airmen originally founded it in the 1940s. When the club was re-established in 1970, the courts were kept and [...]

607, 2020

Kiverton Park FC take Pitches to the Next Level

Kiveton Park Football Club’s team of volunteer grounds people are aiming to take their pitches to the next level following the arrival of a New Holland Boomer 40 and Trimax Striker from Campey Turf Care Systems. The Yorkshire based club restructured three years ago and moved from their previous site to Wales High School. When they arrived, there was [...]

2406, 2020

Dakota 410 the Obvious Choice for La Grande Mare Golf Club

When it came to purchasing a new spreader as part of their machinery replacement programme, the Dakota 410 from Campey Turf Care Systems was the obvious choice for La Grande Mare Golf Club.  The Guernsey based course was undergoing an extensive replacement programme that covered all types of machinery from aerators, spreaders and utility vehicles with the aim of [...]

1305, 2020

Campey Begin Reintroduction to Work Plan

Campey Turf Care Systems is putting plans in place to safely reintroduce the team over the next few weeks that will still strictly adhere to government social distancing guidelines. As an industry that contains essential workers, meeting the needs of customers has been vital. At Campey this has been carried out with the safety of staff, customers and any [...]

303, 2020

Developing The Shoots

Ideas and projects planted at the Turf Business Summit are growing into solid plans and actionable steps - and it's all thanks to the delegates chipping away behind the scenes. The turfcare professionals taking part from across sporting sectors have been doing more than just connecting - shared concerns and solutions through discuss, teamwork and speaker sessions have been [...]

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