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Intellectual Property

CampeyTM protects its products by intellectual property, such as registered trademarks and patents.

It is essential that when dealing in CampeyTM products, care is taken to ensure proper use of its trade marks.

Full use should always be made of product names in any advertising material, indicating trade mark protection with the letters TM. Names of products must not be shortened. By way of example, our Universe Rotor™ must always be given its full name:

Campey Universe Rotor TM

This must not be abbreviated to “the Universe” or “Campey Rotor” or given an incorrect product name such as “KORO FTM Universe”.

If you are in any doubt as to how to make reference to our products, please consult our website information below or contact us for guidance.


Universe Rotor:
1200 / 1600 / 2000 / 2500
United Kingdom 1Granted GB2487262
United Kingdom 2: Granted GB2494275
Europe: Application No. 12 758869.7, Published as: EP2747538
India: Application No. 669/KOLNP/2014
USA 1: Granted US9,730,372
USA 2: US Patent Application No.15/646,668, Published as: US2017/0367249
JapanGranted JP5941985
China 1: Granted ZL201280051772.7
China 2: Application No 201910019881.4, Published as: CN109601266A

Imants Design Rotor:
United KingdomGranted GB2508721
Europe 1: Granted EP 2911491 (Validated: Belgium, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, United Kingdom)
Europe 2:Application No. 18 150294.9, Published as EP3329757
USA 1: Granted US 9,820,422 
USA 2: Granted US 10,045,472
USA 3: US Patent Application No. 16/034,979, Published as: US2018/0332759
AustraliaGranted AU2013336489

Warm Season Turf Treatment
United KingdomGranted GB2514124
China: Granted ZL201480031667.6
EuropeGranted EP2996460 (Validated: Greece, Portugal, Romania, Spain, United Kingdom)
AustraliaGranted AU2014267029

Universe Rotor V2
United Kingdom: Application No 1710318.5, Published as: GB2564096
International: Patent Application No. PCT/GB2018/051776, Published as: WO 2019/002840


CAMPEY (word mark EU)
Registered EU TM No.: EU016635617

CAMPEY (logo mark EU)
Registered EU TM No.: EU016635633

CAMPEY (word mark US)
US Application No.: US 87641201

CAMPEY (logo mark US)
US Application No.: US 87641281

UNIVERSE (word mark EU)
Registered EU TM No.: EU011157963

UNIVERSE (word mark US)
US Registration No.: US 5,663,895

UNIVERSE (word mark US)
US Application No.: US 86983938

UNIVERSE (word mark AU)
AU Application No.:  1964039

UNIRAKE (word mark EU)
Registered EU TM No.: EU017898639

UNIRAKE (word mark US)
US Application No.: 88179053

UNIRAKE (word mark CN)
CN Application No.: 34537632

UNIRAKE (word mark AU)
AU Application No.: 1964040

SPEEDRESSER (word mark EU)
Registered EU TM No.: EU017898642

RAYCAM (word mark EU)
Registered EU TM No.: EU017898638

Registered EU TM No.:  EU018003846

US Application No.: 88458754

CA Application No.: CA1966952

UNI-SCRATCH (word mark EU)
EU Application No.: EU018080910

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