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/Used Products – Turf Maintenance Machinery
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Turf Maintenance Machinery

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Imants 220 Shockwave U4335
Imants 220 Shockwave U4335£13,750 +VAT
Imants 155 Shockwave Revenge U4550
Imants 155 Shockwave Revenge U4550£5,950 +VAT
Wiedenmann Terraspike XF U3271
Wiedenmann Terraspike XF U3271£9,950+VAT
McConnell Mole Plough U4472
McConnell Mole Plough U4472£750 +VAT
Tru Turf Roller RS-48-11c U4279
Tru Turf Roller RS-48-11c U4279£6,750 + vat
Tru Turf Roller RS-48-11c U4470/U4479
Tru Turf Roller RS-48-11c U4470/U4479£4,500 + vat
Tandem 1200D Roller - U4051
Tandem 1200D Roller - U4051£3,500 + vat
Tandem roller 1200D UT 460 Maxi, with cab, only 175 hours from new, to be serviced and checked over sold with 90 days warranty

Charterhouse Level Spike 1.7 U4582
Charterhouse Level Spike 1.7 U4582£2,500 + vat
First Products Aeravator U4575
First Products Aeravator U4575£3,350 + vat
Sisis Quadraplay U4519
Sisis Quadraplay U4519£3,450 + vat
Raycam Triplex Brush U4536
Raycam Triplex Brush U4536£1,250 + vat
Sisis Singleplay U4425
Sisis Singleplay U4425£950 + vat
Campey Rubber Dragmats U4482
Campey Rubber Dragmats U4482from £250 + VAT onwards
Dennis S500 U4436
Dennis S500 U4436£550 +VAT
Sisis ARR5 U4427
Sisis ARR5 U4427£3,375 +VAT
Toro Procore 648 U4352
Toro Procore 648 U4352£17,950 +VAT
Toro Procore 648 U4375
Toro Procore 648 U4375£12,500 +VAT
Risboro Turf Big Willy Aerator U3400
Risboro Turf Big Willy Aerator U3400£1,100 +VAT
With 4″ solid tines ready to go
SMG Turfsoft Brush U3399
SMG Turfsoft Brush U3399£3,500 +VAT
For cleaning of artificial surfaces, shop soiled, cost over £6,500
Limpar V50 Pedestrian Scarifier NEW
Limpar V50 Pedestrian Scarifier NEW£1,350 +VAT
Sisis ARR4 Sarel Spiker U4438
Sisis ARR4 Sarel Spiker U4438£395 +VAT
Sisis ARR4 Verticut Reel U4437
Sisis ARR4 Verticut Reel U4437£395 +VAT

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