Ray Britland Contracting Saves Weeks of Labour Using the Campey Rake O Rotor

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Ray Britland Contracting has saved weeks of time by using the Campey Rake O Rotor to quickly and easily clear large areas of stones and other debris.

The Cheshire based company were established over 35-years ago and work on a number of Environment Agency, and Forestry Commission projects, as well as other government backed work. A common process in these jobs is clearing large areas, which in the past could take weeks to do. But with the Rake O Rotor, the ground can be cleared and ready within one day, making it the perfect choice for company CEO, Ray Britland.

“This is the first time we’ve used Campey, and they’ve been very good, and they are a very obliging and helpful company to work with,” he began.

“We have used the Rake O Rotor for stone raking on large areas like roundabouts, flood banks and road projects, and especially on Environment Agency projects, they absolutely love it. We’ve also used it for some reclamation work around offices, and it can produce a finish that is good enough for lawn areas but on a large scale.

“Instead of it taking you weeks to stone rake a large area you can do it in a day and then move on. It leaves you a fine tilth level, and you can row all the stones up and pick them up with an excavator and bucket, and away it goes. It does a better job than doing it by hand because you can set the pitch at infinitely variable angles. The tighter the angle of it, the less that goes through the machine. If it’s running behind you more or less, everything will go through it, but as soon as you start to bring the angle on, it rakes it all to the side.

“We’ve used it three or four times since we got it. Once on a reasonable sized job, then on some Forestry Commission land where we cleared up after two big companies had a corporate weekend and because it was wet winter all the trucks had made a lot of mess. So, we went in there and cleared it all up, and power raked it to give it a nice finish ready for seeding.”

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