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1307, 2018

Weeks 10 & 11 of Samantha Butler’s working trip abroad

Week 10 saw me travel to a small town called Stanton. Even though we were close to towns and cities like Bristol, standing in the paddock of H. Curtis and Sons where you over look all the hillsides and valleys you would swear there was nothing for miles. Dave and I travelled to H. Curtis and Sons for the [...]

2706, 2018

Campeys Assist Turf Tonics with the First In-House Pitch Renovation at Wycombe Wanderers

Campey Turf Care Systems has assisted contractors Turf Tonics with the first in-house renovation of Wycombe Wanderers Football Club’s award-winning pitch.  The Buckinghamshire club enjoyed success on two fronts on the pitch during the 2017/18 season, not only achieving automatic promotion to League One but also scooping the League Two Grounds Team of the Year for the work conducted [...]

1906, 2018

Bothams Prestige Refine Their Renovations with the new KORO FIELDTOPMAKER 2000

Long-term Campey Turf Care Systems customer Bothams Prestige Sports Turf & Amenity has refined their renovations with the new and improved Koro® FTM® 2000. The Yorkshire company has been buying Campey’s products for 15 years and in that time, they have seen consistent upgrades to machines that maintain their status as the most innovative on the market, with the [...]

1406, 2018

Week 9 of Samantha Butler’s working trip abroad

Week 9 saw me travel back to Ireland. I have somewhat fallen in love with Ireland. Besides being able to spend time with relatives the scenery is spectacular – when you can see it and in general the people are very welcoming and nice. It was great being able to catch up with Brian again, seeing as last time [...]

1406, 2018

Week 8 of Samantha Butler’s working trip abroad

Week 8 was another short week thanks to another Bank Holiday. Dave and I travelled to Wycombe Wanderers to do a field renovation with Ben, with support from Steve of Turf Tonics and his team. The pitch at Wycombe Wanderers is a combination of fine turf and a fibre technology called Desso GrassMaster. Desso GrassMaster is a long fibre [...]

606, 2018

Edgbaston Priory Club Hit by Severe Floods

As many people will surely be aware, Edgbaston became the centre of the interest for UK weather watchers during the last week of May, as flash floods hit the area. In this online exclusive article, David and John Lawrence spoke to Pitchcare about the damage caused and the extensive clean up operation. On the evening of Sunday 27th May, [...]

106, 2018

Week 7 of Samantha Butler’s working trip abroad

Week 7 saw me travel up to the top of Scotland where I would go looking for the great Loch Ness Monster... But first I needed to do some work. After driving for 8 hours with Richard Campey, we arrived at Castle Stuart Golf Links. There we met with Richard Heywood who is Campey’s Scottish Rep. Castle Stuart Golf [...]

3105, 2018

Campey Dealers Form Alliance in Malaysia Golf Market

Campey Turf Care Systems dealer in Malaysia, RS Greenmaster, has formed an alliance with Vietnam dealers Best Products & Services (BPS), which will see them supporting RS Greenmaster in the Malaysian golf sector. Over the last 10 years, RS have developed a very successful business in the construction and maintenance of both synthetic and natural turf sports pitches, and [...]

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