Hydraparts Pitch Preparation Tour to French Guiana

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From 6 to 8 August 2018 Hydraparts was present in French Guiana, in the city of Kourou in order to carry out a complete renovation of the pitch of the Bois Chaudat’s Stadium.

We were able to show the best field renovation techniques to all the grounds managers present on site, namely about forty people from different municipalities of French Guiana. These were days rich in exchanges of sharing knowledge and know-how.

The various stages of the pitch renovation of the end of season were made: scalping, cleaning, decompaction, sanding, levelling and finally the grass planting.

The participants were able to see in action some of our machines:

– The Koro® FieldTopMaker (2m) scalps the plant (grass) cover thus removing unwanted grasses.

– The Imants ShockWave 210 which decompacts and creats superficial drainage.

– The Koro® SpeedHarrow which allows to level quickly and efficiently the ground after sanding.

-The operations were then explained during a conference.

We thank the city of Kourou for its hospitality and professionalism during these 3 days.

Article courtesy of Hydraparts.net