Campey Present Dealer and BIGGA Awards at Successful BTME 2020

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BTME 2020 was a successful event for Campey Turf Care Systems with the introduction of the Traqnology GPS line marker and AllTrec All Electric Tool Carrier along with dealer and BIGGA award presentations.

Farol Ltd was awarded Campey UK Dealer of the Year for 2019 with James Moore collecting the prize, and Maarten Van Heck from Dutch dealer Heybroek accepted the award of Most Improved Dealer for 2019. Campey was also proud to be the main sponsor of the BTME Welcome Celebration with company ambassador, Ian Pogson, presenting the Innovation and Thought Leadership Award as part of the new BIGGA Excellence in Communication Awards that involved further presentations on the stand on day two of the show.

On the stand, it was a busy two and a half days with current customers and show visitors from all over Europe on the stand to talk through some of Campey’s most established products including the Koro FIELDTOPMAKER, Dakota Turf Tenders, Vredo Overseeders and the new Alltrec Tool Carrier and Traqnology GPS line marker.

The one hundred percent AllTrec electric tool carrier has been designed by Dutch manufacturer, WeedControl B.V., to be the perfect solution for zero-emissions mowing and was introduced to the golf industry for the first time at BTME 2020. It can also be used with a number of other attachments including the weed controller, weed brush, and hedge cutter, making it the perfect utility machine for a golf course. All batteries come with a three-year warranty and have a lifetime of + – 2500 charge discharge cycles. The 48VDC battery uses LifePO4 technology with a capacity of 20kwh or an optional 30kwh, with onboard charging taking 4-8 hours.

Joining it as a new product on the stand was the Danish designed GPS Line Marking teachnology from Traqnology. The system can be fitted to most UTVs or tractors with power steering to provide RTK precision lines. After the installation of various control elements operators then use an iPad to pick the sport and size of the pitch they want to mark. Templates can be aligned on the iPad to allow for easy planning and ensure that space is being maximised.

Pitches can be plotted on site or from an office using a satellite map and dropping the template onto the area. Alternatively, you can mark using fixed socket posts as the plot point. Over marking is also simple, with the operation underway in 2-3 taps in the app.

Once the selection is complete, the UTV will autosteer itself around the marking path until the pitch is ready. Once done, the pitch documentation is added to the app to allow for easy tracking and checking so you know exactly when and where you’ve carried out your line marking.

Using the Traqnology system, users can save time when initial line marking with a full-size football pitch taking less than 20 minutes. Using the product also improves the operator environment, provides higher efficiency in the use of paint and streamlines the marking operation by being less reliant on specific individuals.

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