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1204, 2018

Judges Go Direct with the Vredo Compact

Judges Contracting Ltd has opted to extend its seven-year use of the Vredo seeder range because of the direct contact approach the machines uses to plant the seed. Remarkably the decision to upgrade wasn’t to replace the existing model, but instead to add some more width and a larger hopper size to the current operation. Both seeders, old and [...]

1204, 2018

Richard Peel Groundcare Stay at the Cutting Edge

Richard Peel Groundcare has purchased a Dakota 440 Turf Tender, KORO® FIELD TOPMAKER® with UNIVERSE® Rotor, KORO® Recycling Dresser, IMANTS SandCat and Air2G2 from Campey Turf Care Systems as they continue to stay at the cutting edge of maintenance equipment. Over the last 15 years Richard Peel Groundcare has grown. Originally their service was grass cutting, but that has [...]

1204, 2018

Bigger is Better for Knotty Hill Golf Centre

Knotty Hill Golf Centre has adopted a different way of thinking when it comes to personnel and machines, and the 2.75 meter IMANTS ShockWave fits their ethos perfectly. You’d be forgiven for thinking an army of men would be spread across the 660-acre site that offers 54-holes of golf, 27 of those being foot-golf – a sport that is [...]

1204, 2018

Stoke City Turn to Air2G2 and Raycam UniRake for Perfect Pitches

With the advancements in turf technology and hybrid pitches the scope for improvements has been considerably narrowed, and Stoke City Football Club head groundsman, Andy Jackson, has turned to the GT Inject Air2G2 and Raycam UniRake to target his marginal gains. At the top level of English football perfect playing surfaces are becoming the norm, with efforts of grounds [...]

1204, 2018

Raycam’s UniRake and TB220 Brush

Croke Park find it’s Not All Yellow with Raycam’s Unirake and TB220 Brush Croke Park had a usual bumper year of activity, but once the likes of Coldplay and U2 existed stage left, Raycam’s UniRake and TB220 Brush were ready to clean up what music had left behind. To really get behind what Croke Park pitch manager, Stuart Wilson, [...]

1204, 2018

Langland Bay Golf Club Get Down to New Depths with the Air2G2

Having the right aeration programme in place is important for any golf club, and after a STRI recommendation the Air2G2 Air Inject was found to be the missing piece of the puzzle for Langland Bay Golf Club. Through the analysis given to them by their STRI agronomist, PGA director of golf, Andrew Minty, knew that he needed a machine [...]

1204, 2018

High Specification

Duncan Ross Ltd offer high specification renovations using the KORO® FIELD TOPMAKER® with UNIVERSE® Rotor and Vredo Compact Seeder. Expanding services is a very important decision for any contractor, with the choice of new equipment key to success. With the aim of offering the highest quality renovation to customers Duncan Ross Ltd opted for the KORO® FIELD TOPMAKER® (FTM) [...]

1104, 2018

Koro Recycling Dresser in Asia

One very famous Harrison travelled the world as Indiana Jones, exploring the Lost Ark, The Temple of Doom and later seeking the holy grail in The Last Crusade. Back at Campey HQ, our own Dave Harrison has been on an epic voyage across the Asia-Pacific region with the KORO® Recycling Dresser. This journey has seen Dave travel to Japan, [...]

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