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Pedestrian Mowers

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Baroness LM56 U4612
Baroness LM56 U4612£2,950 +VAT
Kaaz Roller Mowers - New
Kaaz Roller Mowers - New From £975 +VAT
21″ roller mower or 21″ 4 wheel rotary professional mower. 21″ hydro mower
Allett Regal Mower U4589
Allett Regal Mower U4589Sold
Dennis FT510 U4444
Dennis FT510 U4444£2,250 +VAT
Ransomes Super Certees Mower U4446
Ransomes Super Certees Mower U4446£1,750 +VAT
Saxon LM22GF Mower U4525
Saxon LM22GF Mower U4525£1,950 +VAT
Dennis G860 U4537
Dennis G860 U4537£2,950 +VAT
Baroness LM26TH - U2258
Baroness LM26TH - U2258£1,750 +VAT
Tees mower, 2005, 7-blade sold serviced and sharpened
Dennis FT610 U4514
Dennis FT610 U4514£2,750 +VAT
U4183 Dennis G560 Contractor
U4183 Dennis G560 Contractor From £1,750 + VAT
c/w 2mm or 3mm scarifying reel/standard reel, clean and tidy machines little used – choice of 2

Dennis G760 Cassettes
Dennis G760 CassettesFrom £500 + VAT
Dennis G760 U4344/4120
Dennis G760 U4344/4120From £1,850 - £2,950 + VAT
Dennis G760, c/w 8-blade cylinder cassette, sold as is @ £1,850 or serviced and sharpened @ £2,950 – one with brush reel – choice of 2

Dennis Premier 36″ U3981
Dennis Premier 36″ U3981£3,950 + VAT
Dennis Premier 30 U3759
Dennis Premier 30 U3759£3,750 +VAT
30 inch with Kubota diesel engine and collection box in very good condition – seats available POA
Dennis FT610 5-blade cylinder cassette - Uxxx
Dennis FT610 5-blade cylinder cassette - Uxxx£550 +VAT
reconditioned unit
Jacobsen 518a - U1568
Jacobsen 518a - U1568£1,750 + VAT
Ransomes 51 Super Certees - U3223
Ransomes 51 Super Certees - U3223£1,250 +VAT
serviced and sharpened
Ransomes Super Certees - NEW U4405
Ransomes Super Certees - NEW U4405£3,000 + VAT
Dennis G860 Cassettes - Soft Brush - U3997
Dennis G860 Cassettes - Soft Brush - U3997£1,150 + vat
Dennis G860 Cassettes - Verti-Cut
Dennis G860 Cassettes - Verti-Cut Sold
Little Wonder Rotary Mower
Little Wonder Rotary Mower £2,250 +VAT

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