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Koro Fieldtopmaker 2.5 Scarifying Rotor U4313
Koro Fieldtopmaker 2.5 Scarifying Rotor U4313£2,500 + VAT
will fit machines up to 2017 with 3mm blades
Koro Fieldtopmaker 2500 U4284
Koro Fieldtopmaker 2500 U4284£7,250+ VAT
fitted digging rotor with blades, very tidy to be checked over and in full working order before sale
Koro Fieldtopmaker 2500 U4155
Koro Fieldtopmaker 2500 U4155£17,000+ VAT
with terraplane rotor fitted, blades very good, 120hp tractor with creep required – available 4 weeks
Koro Fieldtopmaker 1500 U4133
Koro Fieldtopmaker 1500 U4133£11,500 + VAT - On loan
tidy machine c/w digging, scarifying and digging rotors
Koro Recycling Dresser 1.6 U4258
Koro Recycling Dresser 1.6 U4258£11,500 + VAT
ex demo, 1.6m working width

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