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Every, groundsman and greenkeeper needs a granular fertiliser/seed/sand spreader and the new Raycam Fertiliser Spreader from Campey Turf Care Systems delivers on every level.

It is quick, economic and easy to operate, with an option of 500lt or 600lt hopper capacity. The expansive spreading width is from 1m to 14 metres.
Raycam Fertiliser Spreaders are 3pt linkage mounted, PTO driven and known as Pendulum “Wagtail” spreaders. They are designed to distribute granular fertilizer and seed with precision, so eliminating unnecessary waste.

The steel construction with pressed polyester hoppers provide the durability and strength for a machine which is in constant use. Both models are supplied with a hopper agitator and a hydraulic aperture controller. The Raycam range is suitable for tractors between 30hp to 50hp.

The new Raycam Fertiliser Spreaders from Campeys are a practical, reliable and useful addition to its already extensive range of equipment for turf maintenance.

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