Project Description


Groom It for Synthetic Turf

Towed or mounted brush system for synthetic turf pitches. The Groom It brush system can be specified for working on synthetic turf, with crimped white polypropylene brushes, to stand the pile and re-distribute the infill material evenly. An OPTIONAL, fine-rake attachment can be added to the rear of the Groom It to aggressively work the infill where compacted and stand up down-trodden pile. The Rake attachment can easily be raised and locked when not required. The Groom It brush system can be towed, with electric or manual raise, or 3-point mounted for compact tractors.

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Working / transport width
183cm (72″)
Effective working width of rake
183cm (72″)
Weight with rake attachment
204kg ( 450 lbs )
No.of brushes
10 x 60cm ( 24″ ) & 4 x 45cm ( 18″ )
Brushes (SyntheticTurf)
White, crimped Bristle Polypropeline
Towing vehicle requirements
Towing hitch. 12v plug for electric actuator
Tractor mounting requirement
Cat. 1 3-point linkage
Rake attachment
No of Rake tines
39 double tines, plus 3 x 60cm (24″) brushes on rear.

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