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410E Towed Electric

Tractor towed, Electric powered, wide-spread, top-dresser. The Dakota 410 is specially designed for the fast transportation and application of top dressing. It will handle both wet & dry materials allowing light to heavy dressings, and can easily be loaded with a 1.8m wide tractor bucket. This new ELECTRIC option features accurate and easy to operate and silent opertation, calibration with no manual adjustment. 410E features a self-contained power source & battery charger, 14″ Ultra-Trac turf tyres, and dual spinner discharge system. 410 accessories for material handling and a 15cm deep hopper extension is also available.

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Spreading width
3.5m – 13.0m (dependant on tractor oil flow)
Hopper size
0.91m (W) x 1.93m(L) x 0.36m (Deep)
Hopper load height
Hopper capacity
0.65m³ (level) – 0.76m³ (heaped)
Capacity with 15cm extension
0.91m³ (level) – 1.02m³ (heaped)
Overall length & width / weight
3.66m x 1.52m / 645kg approx
2 x Ultra Trac 26.5 x 14 x 12
4 Gel Cell Betteries (charger supplied), LED gauge
Spreads over 50 loads on a single charge
Tractor requirements
Vehicle of approx 20hp min with towing capability
Hydraulic rear door shut-off

Rear mounted cross conveyor

Rear mounted stone/gravel chute

15cm hopper ext.

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