Campey Turf Care Systems supply a full range of Baroness machinery. From hand-push mowers to self-propelled walk- and rider-mowers, Baroness has the machinery suitable for any job.

Listed below is a small selection of the Baroness range, please get in touch to find out more about the full range available from Campey, simply call +44 (0)1260 224568 or email us today.


A new triplex greensmower from Baroness

Building on tried and tested technology, the new Baroness LM315 Greensmower gives you all the advantages of a hybrid drive mower, with the reliability of mechanical drive to the cutting units, a choice of reel speeds and the best cutting units in the business, with the added benefit of a reliable Kubota diesel engine.

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A classic example of Baroness engineering excellence

The reduction gear drive from the engine, combined with the differential lock, means the LM180C is very flexible and stable at slow speeds on sloping ground.

Combined with the flexible, low-revving engine, the three speed gearbox gives you fine control on difficult sloping areas, a fast cutting speed and a transport speed of up to 8.7 km/h. The Baroness LM180C is a classic example of Baroness engineering excellence. With fuel consumption of around 0.3 gallons per hour, low maintenance costs and exceptionally long life from the cutting cylinders and bottom blades, the result is a total cost of ownership which is superior to anything else on the market.

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Tournament perfect conditions

Low centre of gravity provides mowing stability, on-board backlapping. A light-weight five unit mower that embodies all the qualities that Baroness products are best known for – quality of cut, durability, low whole life service costs and long service life.

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A mid-weight five-unit fairway mower

A mid-weight five-unit fairway mower that embodies all the qualities that Baroness products are best known for such as quality of cut, durability, low whole life service costs and long service life.

LM2700-Baroness-MowerEase of operation, operator comfort and superb serviceability make the Baroness LM2700 a stand-out alternative to the run-of-the-mill competition. The LM2700 delivers a high work rate combined with a high quality of cut without resorting to all those multi-layered control functions and systems which so many mowers have today, resulting in less downtime and far simpler maintenance and repair procedures.
The LM2700 has the power and cutting ability to deliver in the most difficult conditions.

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Maximum contour following in all conditions

The five independently mounted cutting decks ensure maximum contour following in all conditions.
The unique height adjustment system enables the operator to change cutting heights in minutes.
Rear cutting decks that swing out for ease of access mean no more hard to reach and practically unserviceable areas on the machine.

A powerful engine and high-torque wheel motors, combined with on-demand 4-wheel drive, mean the GM2800B is comfortable and safe to use on the most demanding slopes and turns.

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Walk behind cylinder mower

The Baroness LM56 & LM66 walk behind cylinder mowers. Among the lightest in their class, solidly built, highly manoeuvrable and constructed to a quality standard second to none. Baroness walk behind cylinder mowers are built to provide the highest quality finish on all fine turf areas. Golf Greens and Tees, Bowling Greens, Tennis Courts and Cricket Pitches. Completely gear driven, Baroness mowers are easier to maintain and more durable than mowers with other drive systems such as belts or chains.
At Baroness we pride ourselves on the cutting quality of all our cylinder mowers. Using Nickel-Chrome-Molybdenum alloy steel cutting cylinders and specially hardened, tipped bedknives, Baroness mowers take care of your fine turf, day in, day out, by keeping the sharpest cutting edge for longer than any other make. Not only is the Baroness LM56-66 series the sharpest tool in the box but you get a complete turf maintenance system for the price of one mower.

Equipped with bi-directional front grooming reel, de-thatching reel or brush, all of which are gear driven and changeable in 5 minutes, the Baroness LM56-66 range offers you total control over the quality of your playing surface.

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